Project Consent is an organization dedicated to raising awareness against sexual assault and supporting survivors of sexual violence. Sara founded Project Consent in 2014 as a high school junior; it originally begun as an art project, before it went viral with the support of online creators and public figures. Sara ran Project Consent as CEO from 2014 to 2019, where the organization grew triple its size and reached over 3 million people worldwide. Project Consent has been featured in over 30 publications, as well as the recognization of global advocacy networks. Project Consent won a Webby Award in 2017 for “Best Video Campaign” (Consent is Simple), beating out Google, Dr. Pepper, and Amazon for the people’s choice. It’s also been shortlisted for a Cannes Lions Advertising Award.

During her time as CEO, Sara spoke at events around the country about the importance of early sexual education. She became a high profiled activist in the field and spent her time advocating for survivor rights. She credits creating a community of allies for survivors as the most fulfilling part of running Project Consent. Project Consent was closed down in 2019, as the team realized they had done the work in sparking conversation about rape culture and it is now up to the rest of the world to continue its mission. Resources created by Project Consent are still available on the website.