Greetings, Internet! Happy November to everyone. It’s crazy to me that there’s only a little under two months before 2018 wraps to an end. In today’s very brief post, I wanted to share a little glimpse at what I carry in my everyday purse. Since my job requires me to move from site to site, I always make sure that I have the necessities with me. I’ve been using the Kate Spade Cameron Street Small Hayden for awhile now and absolutely love it. It’s light enough to carry anywhere and has enough room to fit everything I need. That being said, I try to keep my purse as decluttered as possible so I don’t spend too much time searching, Mary Poppins style. Here’s what I carry in my purse on a regular day:

1. Bumble “Honey” Pouch Bag

When I was a Bumble ambassador, they gifted us with these extremely convenient pouches to store tiny items. Needless to say, I use mine frequently. I hate feeling like my purse is a free-for-all mess, so I keep a collection of small items in my pouch: gum, chapstick (important!), spare coins, and my mini deodorant. Would highly recommend having a pouch to keep it easy to navigate.

Kat Von D ‘Hellbent’ Lipstick

When I’m on the go, I carry two lipsticks that matches fairly well with everything. The first one is my Kat Von D Hellbent matte lipstick (not a fan of gloss). It’s a muted shade of red, which is great for when I need an extra confidence boost before a meeting with a client. In the words of beauty titan Bobbi Brown, “Nothing says confidence and glamour like a classic red lip.”

Too Faced Melted Matte ‘Cool Girl’ Liquified Lipstick

My other go to lipstick (and admittedly, I use this one much more frequently), is my Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Lipstick in the Cool Girl shade. I will stand by this shade until I die. It’s this subtle nude that doesn’t blend into your skin tone and perfect for matching with anything. I prefer this shade when I want to look presentable without feeling the need to be bold.

Francesca’s Traveler Perfume Roller

Last on the beauty items is my Francesca’s travel perfume roller in the Traveler scent. I bought the full sized bottle two years ago when I was shopping with my college roommates and fell in love with it. I’m usually pretty picky with my scents and wanted to pick something fresh, as opposed to sickly sweet. It also lasts well throughout the day and I can spray it on after lunch or a workout.

SABRE Pepper Spray

Arguably the most important item in my purse because, let’s be honest, who isn’t afraid of walking alone in the dark? SABRE is the largest manufacturer of personal safety products in the world and I’ve been carrying their pepper spray in my purse for as long as I can remember. It’s easily accessible and easy to use in case I need to protect myself. My safety is a huge concern to me and knowing I have a means to protect myself is extremely comforting, especially if I’m out late at night. My number one safety tip for anybody is to share your location with your closest friends. Additionally, try to avoid being out alone at night and be alert if you are. Your personal safety should never be gambled with.

Target Mini Notebook

As a creative, entrepreneur, or whatever you want to call it, inspiration can strike anywhere. I’m weirdly adverse to using the notes app on my phone unless I actually have to, so I like to handwrite any information that I might come across. I use this notebook primarily for reminders that I’ll probably forget about if not written down. I sometimes even jot down ideas that come down to me when I don’t have my laptop.

Barnes and Noble Nook

A goal of mine in 2018 was to cut down on time spent on my phone (a feat, considering I work in the digital and social space) and start reading more. I compromised by treating myself to a Nook, which is a reading tablet by Barnes and Noble. I regularly update it with my favorite books and bring it when me when I’m traveling. Instead of scrolling mindlessly on Instagram for hours, I read whenever I can.

This post is brought to you by SABRE and Her Campus Media. SABRE is the world’s #1, largest manufacturer of pepper sprays trusted by law enforcement and civilians alike. We manufacture a wide variety of pepper sprays and gels, personal alarms, stun guns and home security products designed with safety in mind.

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