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Sara Li is a whirlwind of ambition: humanitarian, writer, and avid Grey Anatomy binge-watcher (not a job, but she acts like it is). Her curiosity and idealism makes her a maverick in the sea of too cool for school millennials. Coined as a “modern day Supergirl”, Sara has amassed a serious online following since she first launched her blog at the age of 16. Her enthusiasm for life itself has made her a digital darling and a voice for the humble Midwest; it’s impossible not to feel inspired and comforted when in the company of her whimsical spirit or playful sense of humor. Since adolescence, Sara has been a champion for the romantics, the creatives, and the game-changers. 

Currently, Sara is freelancing her creative services for The Nelle in Kansas City, MO. Additionally, she is working on the launch of her podcast and finishing her first collection of essays for publishing, titled 1996. 

Sara Li is the definition of a girlboss who hustles for what she is passionate about and continues to challenge herself for the better. Her writing connects with others on another level where she has the ability to discuss about various of important topics that matters today. I am so grateful to have worked with her on collaborations but also, to know her as a fellow friend. She had such a generous mindset to voice about what she cares about. Sara is a girlboss who is not only dabbling into her passions but also she is leaving a mark on the world.
— Cathrine Khom, Editor-in-Chief of Local Wolves


1996 is a collection of personal essays authored by Sara as she navigates the terrains of adolescence to adulthood. In it, she recounts the events in her life that's shaped her into the woman she is today. Humorous, whimsical, and deeply introspective, 1996 is the perfect must read for anyone ready to take charge of their own narrative. 


Sara & Company is a podcast between best friends. Originally scripted by Sara and her team of happy souls, the show captures the perfect balance of Carrie Bradshaw-isms and serious colloquies. The podcast is set to relaunch in the fall of 2018, with the addition of a whole new roster of interesting and intelligent guests to co-host. 


In today's age of information overload, Sara is proud to present her as an honest influencer. In her own words: "If you sell yourself for anything, what does that say about your worth?" As a major player in the realm of fashion, travel, and hospitality, Sara works hard to bring you the best of lifestyle trends from coast to coast and everything in-between.